CRAN Task View: Functional Data Analysis

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Functional data analysis (FDA) deals with data that “provides information about curves, surfaces or anything else varying over a continuum.” This task view tries to provide an overview of available packages in this developing field.
In practice, there is substantial overlap between time series data and functional data, so many packages listed under the TimeSeries task view could be useful for functional data as well and vice versa.

General functional data analysis

The packages listed below provide “infrastructure” for representing and handling function-valued data and/or implement many widely applicable functional data methods:

Inference methods for functional data

General purpose regression and classification:

Specialized models and applications:

Statistical tests:

Clustering functional data

Registering and aligning functional data

Time series of functional data

Visualization and Exploratory Data Analysis


If you want to suggest additions or improvements to this list, please submit an issue or pull request in the GitHub repository.

CRAN packages

Core:fda, fda.usc, fdapace, FDboost, fds, ftsa, refund, tf.
Regular:cfda, conformalInference.fd, dbstats, ddalpha, denseFLMM, elasdics, elastes, face, fastFMM, fdaACF, fdacluster, fdaconcur, fdadensity, fdANOVA, fdaoutlier, fdaPDE, fdaPOIFD, fdasrvf, fdatest, frechet, freqdom, freqdom.fda, ftsspec, funcharts, funData, funFEM, funLBM, gmtFD, GPFDA, growfunctions, mfaces, MFPCA, mlr3fda, multifamm, multiFANOVA, pcdpca, rainbow, refund.shiny, registr, rmfanova, robflreg, rofanova, SCBmeanfd, slasso, sparseFLMM, splinetree, warpMix.

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