Getting Started

To add a summary table of package & function usage to the foot of a Quarto document, add used_here() to the end of the code. A separate code chunk with an appropriate heading is suggested but not essential.

The package author recommends using the conflicted package to resolve conflicts. In the example below, ‘dplyr’ has been preferred over stats for filter() and over the xts package for last().

An alternative approach to using conflicted is to use the exclude or include.only argument in library(). This is also shown below with the xts version of first excluded and hence the dplyr version preferred.

Some code

options(tidyverse.quiet = TRUE)
options(xts.warn_dplyr_breaks_lag = FALSE)
conflicts_prefer(dplyr::filter, dplyr::last)
#> [conflicted] Will prefer dplyr::filter over any other package.
#> [conflicted] Will prefer dplyr::last over any other package.
library(xts, exclude = "first")
#> Loading required package: zoo
#> Attaching package: 'zoo'
#> The following objects are masked from 'package:base':
#>     as.Date, as.Date.numeric

#> 3 conflicts
#> • `filter()`: dplyr
#> • `lag()`: dplyr and stats
#> • `last()`: dplyr

More code

tribble(~group, ~a1, ~a2, ~b1,
        "x", 1, 2, 3,
        "x", 4, 5, 6,
        "y", 7, 8, 9) |> 
  select(-starts_with("b")) |> 
  filter(group == "x") |> 
  mutate(first_a1 = first(a1),
         last_a2 = last(a2))
#> # A tibble: 2 × 5
#>   group    a1    a2 first_a1 last_a2
#>   <chr> <dbl> <dbl>    <dbl>   <dbl>
#> 1 x         1     2        1       5
#> 2 x         4     5        1       5

Summary of usage

In the example below, tribble() is counted once against the (originating) tibble package even though it is also loaded by dplyr. And had we not used the conflicted package, filter() for example would have shown against the package name “dplyr, stats”.

The rendered table is assigned the CSS class .usedthese to help other used_* functions find and aggregate multiple tables across one or more websites.

Package Function
base library[5], options[2]
conflicted conflict_scout[1], conflicts_prefer[1]
dplyr filter[1], first[1], last[1], mutate[1], select[1]
tibble tribble[1]
tidyselect starts_with[1]