Create a regression spec - version 2

Level_1 Level_2 Level_3 Level_4 Level_5 Description Required Example
general Top level for general info about the model Yes
model Model type lm or glm Yes lm
version Use: 2 Yes 2
type Use:regression Yes regression
residual Model residual (If providing intervals) 28
sigma2 Sigma squared (If providing intervals) 6.63
family Family (glm only)
link Link (glm only)
offset Offset am
is_glm Boolean, to identify a glm model Yes 0
terms Top level for terms Yes
[index] Index number, one entry per term Yes [[3]]
label Name of the field to be used Yes char_cyl6
coef Coefficient value Yes -4.26
is_intercept Boolean, indicates if it is intercept Yes 0
fields Top level for fields impacted by term Yes
[index] Index number, one entry per field Yes [[1]]
type Type of field, use: ‘conditional’, and ‘ordinary’ for intercept Yes conditional
col Column name Yes char_cyl
val Value of the entry cyl6
op Operation, use: equal equal
qr Top level for QR decomposition (If providing intervals)
qr_[n] [n] for index, and expects the QR result 0.4