tidybayes 3.0.1

Minor update for compatibility with brms 2.16.0.

tidybayes 3.0.0

Breaking changes and deprecations:

New features:

New documentation:

Bug fixes:

tidybayes 2.3.1

tidybayes 2.1.1

tidybayes 2.0.3

Minor fixes for changes in tibble 3.0.0

tidybayes 2.0.2

Various minor forward and backward compatibility fixes:

tidybayes 2.0.1

tidybayes 1.1.0

New features and documentation:

Bug fixes:

tidybayes 1.0.4

New features and documentation:

Minor changes:

tidybayes 1.0.3

tidybayes 1.0.0

Major changes: