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v 4.1.2

metadata parsing adjustment for 23.05 release

v 4.1.1

v 4.1.0

Note that with resolver is down, and software-heritage API has strict rate limits, so direct URL access is preferable.

v 4.0.0

v 3.1.9

v 3.1.8

use collect() on taxa_tbl()

v 3.1.7

v 3.1.6

v 3.1.5

v 3.1.4

v 3.0.5

v 3.0.4

v 3.0.3

v 3.0.2

v 3.0.1

v 3.0.0

v 3.0.0 accesses a new static API for fishbase with in-memory memoization that significantly improves performance, particularly for large queries.


(not released to CRAN, rolled into 3.0 release)

v2.1.2 (2017-04-19)






First official release of the new rfishbase package, a non-backwards compatible replacement to all earlier versions of FishBase. See the package vignette for a more detailed overview and introduction.