ralger 2.2.4

ralger 2.2.3

ralger 2.2.2

ralger 2.2.1

ralger 2.2.0

I have wrapped ralger functions inside a tryCatch() function. Now ralger detects catches the following errors:

ralger 2.1.0

ralger 2.0.1

1- Thanks to Ezekiel (ctb) I’ve added an argument to the table_scrap() function which is fill (the argument is from the rvest package), the user has now the ability to set fill = TRUE when dealing with tables with inconsistent number of columns/rows.

ralger 2.0.0

1- I’ve added the choose argument to the table_scrap() function, which allows the user to choose which table to extract.

2- I’ve added two functions: + titles_scrap() for scraping titles from a website. + paragraphs_scrap() for scraping paragraphs from a website.

ralger 1.1.1

Two new functions: - table_scrap(): allows the user to extract an HTML table from a web page.
- weblink_scrap(): allows the user to extract all web links within a web page.

Also, introducting a new arguments within each function : askRobot

ralger 1.0.0

Initial release