Welcome to r2resize: In-text resizing for images and tables in Markdown and Quarto documents

Obinna N. Obianom


Easily add automatic resizing toolbar for all images and tables in Markdown, Rmarkdown and Quarto documents

Installation and Library Attachment

The r2resize package is available on CRAN and can be installed as shown below


Attach library


Use the easy resize functionality in Rmarkdown or Quarto

The r2resize can be used within the R Markdown or Quarto document using an R chunk as shown below


or by using the available options. An example of how the available options can be used is show below

  theme.color = "black",
  position = "top",
  font.size = "12px",
  font.color = "darkblue",
  tables = TRUE,
  images = TRUE,
  line.color = "orange",
  line.width = 150,

Use a lot of other cool functions such as the one below

r2resize::emphasisCard("text1",symbol("ram","hippopotamus","alpha","beta",font.size=50), bg.color = "#f1f1f1")
text1 🐏🦛αβ

Quick demo: https://r2resize.obi.obianom.com/r2resize-package.gif

More cool functions and examples and documentation