These are helper functions for the CTN-0094 data package public.ctn0094data and supplemental engineered / derived data sets.

Installing Dependencies

Because this is the “Extra” package which supplements the information in the primary public.ctn0094data:: package, we must have the most recent version of this primary data package built first. This package is on CRAN at, so you can install this data package with:


If you have access to the GitHub repository for the development version of this data package, use the remotes package to install the data package from GitHub:


To build this package from “zipped” source file on your local machine, run the following code (make sure to set the correct version and the path for your machine):

  repos = NULL,
  type = 'source'

Installing this Package

Once you have the public.ctn0094data package downloaded and installed on your computer, you can install this package. For now, use the remotes package to install this package directly from GitHub via


Once public.ctn0094data and public.ctn0094extra have been released on CRAN, you will be able to install this package with:

# Do not run yet
# install.packages("public.ctn0094extra")


In order to recreate the data sets in this package, first build this package (public.ctn0094extra::) and then run the following scripts in order, rebuilding the package and restarting your R session after each script:

  1. inst/scripts/create_inductDelay_20220308.R
  2. inst/scripts/create_visitImputed_20220308.R
  3. inst/scripts/create_weeklyOpioidPattern_20220308.R
  4. inst/scripts/create_weeklyTLFBPattern_20220511.R
  5. inst/scripts/create_raceEthnicity_20220816.R