prism 0.2.1

Released October 17, 2023

Minor Enhancements

Bug Fixes and Clean Up

prism 0.2.0

Published December 5, 2020

Thanks to @jsta for updating the README and helping with several other under the hood fixes.

Breaking Changes

Major Updates

There are two overall major updates with this release. (1) All functions should work with all temporal periods and all variables; previously some functions only worked with daily data and not all variables were able to be downloaded from the prism website. (2) A new API was implemented that results in many functions being deprecated in favor of the updated naming convention. This change was intended to provide consistent names for functions that apply to different steps in the work flow implemented in this package. The details of these changes are:

Other Changes

prism 0.1.0

Minor changes

Bug fixes

Under the hood

prism 0.0.7


Bug fixes