Comprehensive affiliation schema

Quarto provides a complete affiliation schema to define affiliations in more detail.

To generate comprehensive affiliations in plume, you can specify affiliation items in the input data using the following syntax key_1=item_1 key_2=item_2 key_n=item_n. PlumeQuarto will automatically parse affiliations and assign each item to its respective key.

Affiliations with no or unrecognised keys are assigned to the name key.

author <- tibble::tibble(
  given_name = "René",
  family_name = "Descartes",
  affiliation1 = "Collège royal Henri-le-Grand",
  affiliation2 = "
  name=Université de Poitiers
  address=15 Rue de l'Hôtel Dieu
  country=Kingdom of France
  affiliation3 = "name=Academia Franekerensis country=The Netherlands city=Franeker"
aut <- PlumeQuarto$new(author, file = "file.qmd")

The above will produce the following YAML header:

title: Cogito ergo sum
  - name:
      given: René
      family: Descartes
      - ref: aff1
      - ref: aff2
      - ref: aff3
  - id: aff1
    name: Collège royal Henri-le-Grand
  - id: aff2
    name: Université de Poitiers
    city: Poitiers
    address: 15 Rue de l'Hôtel Dieu
    country: Kingdom of France
  - id: aff3
    name: Academia Franekerensis
    city: Franeker
    country: The Netherlands