markovMSM: An R package for checking the Markov condition in multi-state survival data

markovMSM is an R package which considers tests of the Markov assumption that are applicable to general multi-state models. Three approaches using existing methodology are considered: a simple method based on including covariates depending on the history in Cox models for the transition intensities; methods based on measuring the discrepancy of the non-Markov estimators of the transition probabilities to the Markovian Aalen-Johansen estimators; and, finally, methods that were developed by considering summaries from families of log-rank statistics where patients are grouped by the state occupied of the process at a particular time point.

InstallationIf you want to use the release version of the markovMSM package, you can install the package from CRAN as follows: install.packages(pkgs=“markovMSM”);

Authors Gustavo Soutinho and Luís Meira-Machado Maintainer: Gustavo Soutinho

Funding This research was financed by Portuguese Funds through FCT - “Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia”, within Projects projects UIDB/00013/2020, UIDP/00013/2020 and the research grant PD/BD/142887/2018.

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