imager 0.41.2 Minor release

imager 0.41.1 Minor release

imager 0.41 Major release

imager 0.40.2 Minor release

* added crop.bbox for cropping image to the bounding box of a pixset
* updated CImg: fixes issues with Intel C compiler and libtiff giving pop-up warnings on Windows 
* threshold now has an "adjust" argument, to adjust the auto-thresholding
* switched to C++11 

imager 0.40.1 Minor release

* Updated CImg, imager should now compile on Solaris
* Fixed memory access bug in px.flood

imager 0.40 Major release

imager 0.31 Minor release

imager 0.30 Major release.

imager 0.20. Major release

imager 0.16. Bugfix + minor features

imager 0.15: Substantial update

0.14 Minor update

0.13 Initial release on CRAN