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Breaking change

Certain ggside geometries have the capabilities to use xfill/yfill or xcolour/ycolour in place of the normal fill and colour aesthetics. This was always meant to provide a separate aesthetic scale to color by. The earlier version of ggside failed to consider the case when fill/colour was specified in the global mapping, and the user passes a new data frame to the ggside layer that excludes the quoted column. This has been addressed with #28 where if xfill/yfill are specified, then the global fill aesthetic is ignored (as well for xcolour/ycolour and colour). This fix, however, has exposed a potential breaking change, meaning plots with the following characteristics may not be exactly the same as compared to earlier versions of ggside (< 0.2.1) :

How this would have worked in the past is that the computed mapping groups would be made on both aesthetics, but only filling or coloring by the ggside aesthetic. Now, the layer will only fill or color by the ggside aesthetic - potentially reducing the number of groups made by the plot.


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