{r setup, include=FALSE} knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)

factorial2x2 0.2.0

minor changes

The associate editor who reviewed our journal paper asked that we change the names of the multiple testing procedures in our paper. As a consequence,

  1. The function power13.13.13 is now powerEA3.
  2. The function power23.13 is now powerPA2.
  3. The function power12.12 is now powerEA2.

factorial2x2 0.1.0

The goals of the factorial2x2 package are twofold: First, to provide power calculations for a two-by-two factorial design in which the effects of the two factors may be sub-additive. Power is provided for the overall effect test for as well as the multiple testing procedures described in Leifer, Troendle, Kolecki, and Follmann (2020). Second, to analyze two-by-two factorial trial data which may include baseline adjustment covariates. Further details are described in the factorial2x2 vignette.