epoxy in R scripts

epoxy isn’t just for reports and Shiny apps! You can use the epoxy() function just like an epoxy knitr chunk.

movie <- list(
    year = 1989,
    title = "Back to the Future Part II",
    budget = 4e+07

    "The movie {.titlecase movie$title}",
    "was released in {movie$year}",
    "and was filmed with a budget of",
    "{.dollar movie$budget}.",
    .sep = "\n"
#> The movie Back to the Future Part II
#> was released in 1989
#> and was filmed with a budget of
#> $40,000,000.

For HTML and LaTeX contexts, check out epoxy_html() and epoxy_latex(). These work just like epoxy(), but use convenient defaults for HTML and LaTeX settings.