package editData : An RStudio Addin for Editing A ‘data.frame’

Keon-Woong Moon



The ‘editData’ is an RStudio addin for editing a ‘data.frame’ or a ‘tibble’. Many RStudio users want to edit a data.frame. With this ‘editData’ package, you can delete, add or update a ‘data.frame’ without coding. You don’t have to use Microsoft excel or a csv editor any more to edit data. You can get resultant data as a ‘tibble’ or as a ‘data.frame’. You can read a csv file in the disk and save it as a csv format.

Install package

You can install editData package from CRAN.


You can install the developmental version of editData package from github.


After install this editData package you can see the editData addin in RStudio’s addins. (See the second plot).

Usage: As an RStudio Add-in

This addin can be used to interactively manipulate a data.frame or a tibble. The intended way to use this is as follows:

  1. Highlight a symbol naming a data.frame or a tibble in your R session, e.g. mtcars(1).

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-3

  1. Execute this addin(arrow), to interactively manipulate it.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-4

  1. You can select and unselect a row by clicking a row in dataTable. You can delete the selected row(1), add a new row(2) or edit a row(3).

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-5

You can enter data name(4) to edit, upload a CSV or excel or RDS file(5) and download the edited data as a csv(6) or xlsx(7) or RDS (8)file.

  1. If you press the edit button you can see this window. You can edit individual cell. You can delete the row or update the data. Or you can edit cell by double-click.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-6

  1. Alternatively, you can edit a cell by double-click.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-7

  1. By default, the sampleData included in the editData package is selected. The sex and bloodType column are factor variables. A selectInput is assigned for a column of class factor.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-7

  1. A dateInput is assigned for a column of class date.

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-8

Usage: As a regular function

You can use the editData() function as a regular function, e.g. in a command line.

result <- editData(mtcars)

The resultant ‘tibble’ or ‘data.frame’ is assigned to the object result.

Usage: As a shiny module

The editData package is made of modularized shiny functions. You can use the modularized editableDTUI() and editableDT() functions in your shiny app. In this package, I have included three examples in the inst folder. You can run these examples with one of the following codes.