ecodist R package

Dissimilarity-based analysis functions including ordination and Mantel test functions, intended for use with spatial and community data.

** CHANGES in ecodist 2.1.2**

** CHANGES in ecodist 2.1.1**

CHANGES in ecodist 2.0.10

The proxy package (as of version 0.4-27), loaded by many spatial packages including spdep, overwrites the base behavior of dim() for dist objects, which breaks ecodist functions. A fix has been added to ecodist 2.0.10 that returns dim.dist() to its base state, as long as ecodist is loaded after all other packages. The maintainer plans to remove the problematic dim.dist() eventually, since ecodist is not the only package it breaks.

Until then, load ecodist last. Since dim() is called by functions outside of ecodist, I can’t simply specify ecodist::dim() in all relevant cases.

dim(dist(matrix(1:15, ncol=3)))

should return NULL and not c(5, 5) if the correct (base) dim() is being used.

CHANGES in ecodist 2.0