Version 1.0.2

Fixed an issue with the paralellization of tasks in the Windows platform. Now all parallelized functions modify their cluster settings depending on the user’s platform.

Version 1.0.1

Fixed a bug in the function workflowImportance. The argument ‘exclude.columns’ was being ignored.

Fixed the documentation of the functions workflowImportance and workflowSlotting. Their outputs were not well documented.

Fixed an error in workflowTransfer.

Changed how psi is computed. It’s now more respectful with the original formulation, and handles very similar sequences better.

Fixed the function workflowPsi to add +1 to the least cost produced by the options paired.samples = TRUE and diagonal = TRUE

Added the function workflowPsiHP, a High Performance version of workflowPsi. It has less options, but it is much faster, and has a much lower memory footprint.

Version 1.0.0 is ready!