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datr allows R users to interact with the Dat network. You can load, store, or share data on the Dat network, without including any intermediaries that can snoop on your content. All transfers are end-to-end encrypted.


GIF of demo

or in plain text

datr::dat_install(os = 'linux')

 dir = '~/test-datr/')



write.csv(data.frame(x = rnorm(100, 0, 1), y = rnorm(100, 50, 23)),
 row.names = FALSE)



You can install datr from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

See below for Windows, Mac, and Linux specific instructions for installing Dat. v0.1.0 will be submitted to CRAN (almost done 🏁)!


Fire up R with Administrator privileges by right clicking the icon and selecting “Run as administrator”

Run as administrator

Once the program launches, run datr::dat_install(). The package then initiates downloading Dat and installs it on your local machine.

Upon completion, reboot R and you can start using the package 😻 (adminstrator privileges no longer needed)


devtools::install_github('libscie/datr', ref = 'install')
datr::dat_install(os = 'macos')

Note that there currently is an issue out that could benefit from feedback on installation on Mac (#7).


Run datr::dat_install(os = 'linux') from your R console. There’s no need to specify which flavor of Linux you’re running, but you might to need to restart your R session 🙋

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