dann v 1.0.0

Adding linter. Adding … checks. Moving to tidymodels integration. Adding print method. Adding input correction.

dann v 0.2.6 (02-11-2022)

Fixing hard coded sphere argument in sub_dann and graph_eigenvalues. Fixing default values of df methods. xTrain to train. Added “none”” option to sphere argument.

dann v 0.2.5 (02-10-2022)

Adding formula functions (_df) and associated tests. Vignettes use df functions, not matrix functions.

dann v 0.2.4 (02-10-2022)

Minor optimizations.
  One small loop removed for vectorized R code.
  Summing a logical vector instead of sub setting and calculating length.

dann v 0.2.3 (06-06-2021)

Fixing code coverage to work with github actions.

dann v 0.2.2 (02-10-2021)

If the most common class fails to break ties in 
distance, sort by Y so that predictions are consistent
in all cases.

Moving from travisCI to github actions.

dann v 0.2.1 (10-08-2020)

Ties in distance are broken by most common class.
Updating vignettes.

dann v 0.2.0 (03-14-2020)

Moving to RcppArmadillo for performance improvements.

dann v 0.1.0 (12-10-2019)

Initial release.