cvGEE: Cross-Validated Predictions from GEE

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cvGEE calculates cross-validated versions of the logarithmic, quadratic and spherical scoring rules based on generalized estimating equations.

The package presumes that the GEE has been solved using the geeglm() function of the geepack.

Basic Use

We compare a linear and a nonlinear GEE for the dichotomized version of the serum bilirubin biomarker from the PBC dataset:


pbc2$serBilirD <- as.numeric(pbc2$serBilir > 1.2)

gm1 <- geeglm(serBilirD ~ year * drug, 
              family = binomial(), data = pbc2, id = id, 
              corstr = "exchangeable")

gm2 <- geeglm(serBilirD ~ ns(year, 3, Boundary.knots = c(0, 10)) * drug, 
              family = binomial(), data = pbc2, id = id, 
              corstr = "exchangeable")

plot_data <- cv_gee(gm1, return_data = TRUE)
plot_data$linear <- plot_data$.score
plot_data$non_linear <- unlist(cv_gee(gm2))

xyplot(linear + non_linear ~ year | .rule, data = plot_data, 
       type = "smooth", auto.key = TRUE, layout = c(3, 1),
       scales = list(y = list(relation = "free")),
       xlab = "Follow-up time (years)", ylab = "Scoring Rules")


The development version of the package can be installed from GitHub using the devtools package:


and with vignettes

devtools::install_github("drizopoulos/cvGEE", build_vignettes = TRUE)