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condensr provides an easy to use, fast framework for generating academic “group” websites. Often, consortiums of researchers are wanting a web presence that groups staff to projects and publications, but managing such a website can be an expensive endeavour.

Fundamentally, condensr is a bunch of quarto templates, combined with some convenience functions to generate markdown automatically. Staff are linked to projects, and to publications, and websites for each are generated automatically.


You can install the development version of condensr from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


To get started with condensr, simply run:

create_website(dir = "site_dir", name = "site_name")

and a new website will be generated with the files you need.

The about.qmd page includes the high level information. Most of the group information belongs in index.Rmd where the three structures expected by condensr are built.

To build the website, simply run:


You can host the page just like you would any other quarto site: GitHub Pages, Netlify, or any other HTML hosting site of your choosing.

Websites using this package

If you are using condensr please tell me - I’d love to hear about it.