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API wrapper for extracting CMHC data out of the CMHC Housing Market Information Portal.


Documentation is available on the GitHub pages.

The example vignettes contain some common use cases.


The stable version of cmhc can be easily installed from CRAN.


Alternatively, the latest development version can be installed from Github.



Consult the example vignette for more information. As an example, this is how to extract time series information for vacancy rate data by bedroom type for the Vancouver Census Metropolitan Area (“59933”).

vacancy_data <- get_cmhc(survey="Rms",series="Vacancy Rate",dimension="Bedroom Type",
                         breakdown="Historical Time Periods",  geo_uid="59933")


Cite cmhc

If you wish to cite cmhc:

von Bergmann, J. cmhc: R package to access, retrieve, and work with CMHC data. v0.2.1.

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

    author = {Jens {von Bergmann}},
    title = {cmhc: R package to access, retrieve, and work with CMHC data},
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The cmhc package is designed to work well with the cancensus package working with Canadian Census data the cansim package for regular StatCan tables, and matches the census geographies via a GeoUID column that is shared across these packages. The tongfen package facilitates making geographies from different census years that CMHC reports on comparable over time.