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chromatographR is a package for the reproducible analysis of HPLC-DAD chromatographic data in R. It can also be used to analyze other “simple” chromatographic data like GC-FID, HPLC-UV, or HPLC-FD.


chromatographR can now be installed from CRAN:


You can also install the latest development version of chromatographR from GitHub using the devtools package:


To build the vignette, include the argument build_vignettes=TRUE (Note: this will take considerably longer than building the package without the vignette).


Importing data

chromatographR can now import ChemStation and MassHunter files directly (using the Aston or Entab parsers wrapped by chromConverter) as well as regular csv and ascii files.


Please see the vignette included with the package for details on the application of chromatographR for the analysis of HPLC data. A second vignette with a suggested workflow for the analysis of GC-FID data will be forthcoming soon.


Contributions to the package are very welcome. Please get in touch (preferable by opening a GitHub issue) to discuss any suggestions or to file a bug report. Some good reasons to file an issue:


If you use chromatographR in published work, please cite it as follows:

Bass, E. (2022). chromatographR: chromatographic data analysis toolset (version 0.4.4).