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BRIC-seq is a genome-wide approach for determining RNA stalibity in mammalian cells. bridger2 provides a series of functions for performing a comprehensive BRIC-seq data analysis. After estimating the RPKM values for all genes from your BRIC-seq fastq files, you can easily analyze your BRIC-seq data using bridger2 R package.

To make that happen, bridger2: * Checks the quality of your BRIC-seq data.


# The the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")

Quick start

Here I show the most basic step for analyzing your BRIC-seq data. This step require matrix object (named RNA_halflife_comparison in this case) of the RPKM values from your BRIC-seq data. BridgeRCore function returns data.table object including RNA half-life, R2 and the selected fitting model.

halflife_table <- BridgeRCore(RNA_halflife_comparison)