Similar packages

Konrad Rudolph


The need for tools to make R code more modular, and to improve code reuse, is demonstrated by the wealth of related packages that have sprung up over the years. Many of them have objectives similar to ‘box’, although they vary wildly in how they approach their common goal, and not all objectives are shared. In the following I’ve listed the related R packages that I know of. The descriptions are (mostly) copied from the respective package metadata, and the interested reader is invited to consult the original documentation.

The list is intended to be a fairly exhaustive — so if you find a missing package please let me know.

Tools for writing modular code

Tools for loading code

The packages listed above also provide means for loading code; however, I won’t replicate them here. Some of the tools below have subsequently also gained capabilities for authoring modular code, but since their initial and primary purpose was loading code, they’re instead listed below.

Tools for organising code