bmlm 1.3.15

Minor update: Use new Stan array syntax thanks to Andrew Johnson.

bmlm 1.3.14

Minor fix: Let rstantools generate Makevars

bmlm 1.3.13

Minor housekeeping:

bmlm 1.3.12

Updated compiler flags for new version of RStan thanks to Andrew Johnson.

bmlm 1.3.11

Fix package for staged installation

bmlm 1.3.9

bmlm 1.3.8

bmlm 1.3.7

bmlm 1.3.6

bmlm 1.3.5

bmlm 1.3.4

bmlm 1.3.3

bmlm 1.3.2

bmlm 1.3.1

bmlm 1.3.0

bmlm 1.2.10

bmlm 1.2.9

Removed sigma_y from being modeled when binary_y = TRUE.

bmlm 1.2.1

Removed posterior probabilities from default outputs.

Added type = “violin” as option for plotting coefficients with mlm_pars_plot().

bmlm 1.2.0

Users may now change each individual regression parameter’s prior, instead of classes of priors.

Users may now change the shape parameter of the LKJ prior.

bmlm 1.1.1

Coefficient plots now reorder parameter estimates, if user has requested varying effects.

Path plot now by default does not scale the edges.

bmlm 1.1.0

Major update

bmlm now uses pre-compiled C++ code for the Stan models, which eliminates the need to compile a model each time mlm() is run. This significantly speeds up model estimation.

Minor update

The Stan code used by mlm() is now built from separate chunks, allowing more flexible and robust model development.

bmlm 1.0.0

Initial release to CRAN.