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bayesnec is a toxicity estimate and No-Effect-Concentration estimation package that uses brms to fit concentration(dose)-response data using Bayesian methods for the purpose of estimating both ECX values, but more particularly NEC. Please see ?bnec for a more detailed help file.


To install the latest release version from CRAN use


The current development version can be downloaded from GitHub via

if (!requireNamespace("remotes")) {
remotes::install_github("open-aims/bayesnec", ref = "dev")

Because bayesnec is based on brms and Stan, a C++ compiler is required. The program Rtools comes with a C++ compiler for Windows. On Mac, you should install Xcode. See the prerequisites section on this link for further instructions on how to get the compilers running.


Usage and further information about bayesnec can be seen on the project page and the vignettes. Help files for the individual functions can be found on the reference page.

Further Information

bayesnec is provided by the Australian Institute of Marine Science under the GPL-2 License (GPL-2).