V5: Web search engines

Patrice Kiener



RWsearch stands for « Search in R packages, task views, CRAN and in the Web ».

This vignette introduces the following features cited in the README file:

.13. Use some bookmarks to various websites and search engines. Keywords can be typed directly in the R console and are sent to the search engine, then displayed in your browser. The list of the search engines is expected to grow (with your help).

Explore the web

Web search engines are major tools to explore the web. Some search engines explores the full web when some other search engines are restricted to a specific website. To remember their favorite search engines, people record them as bookmarks (favorites) in their browser. Why not store them directly in a R package and hide in the R functions the specific syntax of each search engine? This is the W of RWsearch.

This version of RWsearch has aleady referred more then 60 web search engines. We expect this number to grow thanks to the contribution of everyone.

The generic function

Function Comment
h_ttp() The generic function

Suggest new search engines

We wish this number to grow thanks to the contribution of everyone. Feel free to suggest me some new links.