Note that backward compatibility of function arguments will not be (near-)guaranteed until version 1.0. Argument and function changes will continue until then. These will be especially noticeable around the inclusion of IV NCA parameters and additional specifications of the dosing including dose amount and route.

PKNCA 0.10.2

PKNCA 0.10.1

PKNCA 0.10.0

Bugs Fixed

New Features

Breaking Changes

Internal Breaking Changes (these should not affect PKNCA users)

PKNCA 0.9.5

PKNCA 0.9.4

PKNCA 0.9.3

PKNCA 0.9.2

PKNCA 0.9.1

PKNCA 0.9.0

PKNCA 0.8.5

PKNCA 0.8.4

PKNCA 0.8.2

PKNCA 0.8.1


This release is not backward compatible. The switch to observed and predicted-related NCA parameters (like aucinf.obs and aucinf.pred) changed the format of the intervals specification.

PKNCA 0.7.1



First release targeting CRAN