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Examples for SAS

Because the links are distributed in a variety of file formats (including as non-proprietary CSVs), the are accessible by all statistical software. The NLSY and BG concepts and basic programming are fairly consistent across languages, so the R examples should be roughly translatable into different statistical platforms.

Here’s a SAS example that covers the basics. If you have a need for a different example, or a different language, feel free to request it in the ‘Other Software’ section in our forums. We would like to know what examples of platforms are the most useful to the potential users of the links.

NlsyLinksDetermination in C#

The NlsyLinksDetermination repository contains the C# code that manipulates the NLSY data to produce the relatedness values. If you’re only interested in the R package (and not how the relatedness coefficients were determined), then please see the NlsyLinks package described above.

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Our support forums are intended to cover all aspects of this project, not just software. The top-level forums are: