About this Website

William Howard Beasley (Howard Live Oak LLC, Norman)

Joseph Lee Rodgers (Vanderbilt University, Nashville)

David Bard (University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, OKC)

Michael D. Hunter (Georgia Tech, Atlanta)



This website is maintained by the Joe Rodgers NLSY Sibling Research Team (see the collaborators page for more details)

The website is hosted on GitHub Pages. It is built with Jekyll and R Markdown (and heavily relied on the latter when forming the site’s structure). The majority of the static reports are created with knitr, while the interactive reports are created with Shiny; both use R as a foundation.

Historical Archives

To increase transparency and promote reproducibility, this website and software components are assigned a unique DOI (digital object identifier) after each substantial modification. Each major version is archived (and available for download indefinitely) on a third-party site –where we cannot modify it. See the Software and Support page for the DOIs of each component; all previous archives associated with the current project can be found by searching the Zenodo site.

Support Forums

Our support forums are intended to cover all aspects of this project, not just software.

Code Collaboration

Interested collaborators are welcome to propose changes or submit an issue on our public GitHub repository. If you’re new to GitHub, see the “Collaborating” section half-way down their help site, or post a comment to us below.