NEWS - NHSDataDictionaRy

The news for the package is contained hereunder:

1.2.0 - Initial build release

To get the package out there and fixed to support change of structure of the NHS Data Dictionary website. This is fully working and details of how to use are in the vignette

1.2.1 - Default codes xpath added to master NHS Data Dictionary lookup

The changes to the master site mean the default and national codes have been separated on the site, so this has been added to the master lookup and the changes pushed back to CRAN.

1.2.2 - Added OpenSafely to the package

Added OpenSafely function to package to allow OpenSafely data to be interrogated.

1.2.3 - Added more advanced error handling for SSL certificates

NHS Data Dictionary website had an unverified SSL certificate, which led to the package being rejected by CRAN. These additions have been fixed and it will be resubmitted to the site.

1.2.4 - Added nhs_table_findeR

Added this function for convenience, reduces the need to call three separate functions independently and can be used for rapid return of NHS Data Dictionary values, with the dependence on knowing the look up name.

1.2.5 - Change of maintainer email

Changed the maintainer email.