The GeoMongo package utilizes methods of the PyMongo Python library to initialize, insert and query GeoJson data. Furthermore, it allows the user to validate GeoJson objects and to use the console for MongoDB (bulk) commands. The reticulate package provides the R interface to Python modules, classes and functions. More details on the functionality of GeoMongo can be found in the blog post and in the package Vignette.

System Requirements

Installation of the GeoMongo package

To install the package from CRAN use,


and to download the latest version from Github use the install_github function of the devtools package,

devtools::install_github(repo = 'mlampros/GeoMongo')

Use the following link to report bugs/issues,


If you use the GeoMongo R package in your paper or research please cite

  title = {{GeoMongo}: Geospatial Queries Using 'PyMongo' in R},
  author = {Lampros Mouselimis},
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