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The purpose of {EGM} is to work with electrophysiology (EP) signal data to help understand and simplify the complexity of complex, multi-channel electrical signal data. The target audience is those working, in particular, with cardiac electrophysiology data, from intracardiac electrograms to surface electrocardiography. The package is heavily inspired by and gains additional functionality from the Waveform Database (WFDB) software package.

The goals and major arms of this software areā€¦

  1. Adapt WFDB-compatible signal data to an R format that is interchangeable
  2. Provide simple visualization tools to work with short elements of raw signal data
  3. Allow for annotation of intracardiac electrograms in an interactive manner
  4. Train and allow development of learning algorithms for the evaluation of multi-channel time series data

Please see the vignettes for further details on usage.


You can install the released version of {EGM} from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Notably, the package software utilizes the WFDB software if it is available. You can expect errors in calling commands until the software is appropriately installed. Further installation instructions are available on the Github site.