The DisImpact R package contains functions that help in determining Disproportionate Impact (DI) based on the following methodologies:

  1. Percentage Point Gap (PPG) method,
  2. Proportionality Index method (method #1 in reference), and
  3. 80% Index (method #2 in reference).

Install Package

# From CRAN

# From github (Development)

Vignettes and Tutorials

The DisImpact package offers several vignettes/tutorials to get the user familiar with the package and methods provided:

  1. Package tutorial.
  2. Scaling DI calculations across a variety of scenarios.
  3. Multi-Ethnicity Categorization and how to analyze such data with DisImpact.
  4. Intersectionality and how to perform such analysis with DisImpact.
  5. DI Calculations on long, summarized data sets using the di_iterate_on_long function.