How the dea_street_names file was made.

“c_cs_alpha.pdf” was downloaded from on 2020-09-08

“DIR-020-17 Drug Slang Code Words.pdf” was downloaded from on 2020-09-08 but the full path (documents/2017/05/01) no longer exists. We believe the original file can be found here: Note that the file name was changed to remove the spaces (which appear as %20) in the link above.

x <- pdf_text("../inst/extdata/DIR-020-17DrugSlangCodeWords.pdf")


Opened with Ultra Edit Edited text file to remove headers Used Format: Convert Line Terminator to Wrap

library(readr)  # read_delm

s <- read_delim("../inst/extdata/slangUE.txt", "~", escape_double = FALSE,
                col_names = c("category", "brand", "slang"),
                col_types = cols(
                  category = col_character(),
                  brand = col_character(),
                  slang = col_character()),
                  trim_ws = TRUE)

library(tidyr)  # for separate_rows()
library(stringr)  #str_squish
suppressPackageStartupMessages(library(dplyr))  # mutate  %>%

dea_street_names <- separate_rows(s, slang, sep = ";") %>%
  mutate(slang = str_squish(slang)) %>%
  distinct() # Blaze listed twice in Synthetic Cannabinoids
usethis::use_data(dea_street_names,overwrite = TRUE)