ubiquity R Workflow

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Provides an interface to the R workflow for ubiquity: a set of modeling tools created to accelerate the development and deployment of models of drug disposition and efficacy within an organization or institution. It is designed to make model development easier, reduce the pain when moving between modeling software, and provide a simple but customizable interface to allow other scientists to interrogate models. It is provide free under a BSD license with source code available in GitHub (R-package, ubiquity project).

Installing ubiquity

For detailed software requirements and installation instructions see this page: (https://ubiquity.tools/rworkflow)

Briefly, install the following:

Then you can install ubiquity from CRAN

install.packages("ubiquity", dependencies=TRUE) 

Or install the development version from GitHub:

Note you may need to install the development version of onbrand from GitHub as well

# Installing devtools if it's not already installed
if(system.file(package="devtools") == ""){
devtools::install_github("john-harrold/ubiquity", dependencies=TRUE)

Getting started

For full documentation the ubiquity vignettes and manuals are available.

For more information on specific tasks see the following vignettes:

Changes and Updates

See the NEWS.md for details on differences between updates.