timetk 2.2.0

New Functions


timetk 2.1.0

New Functions


Plotting Improvements

Breaking Changes

Bug Fixes

timetk 2.0.0

New Interactive Plotting Functions

New Data Wrangling Functions

New Diagnostic / Data Processing Functions

New Vectorized Functions:

New Recipes Preprocessing Steps:

New Parsing Functions


Bug Fixes:

Breaking Changes:

These should not be of major impact since the 1.0.0 version was just released.

timetk 1.0.0

New Interactive Plotting Functions:

New Time Series Data Wrangling:

New Recipe Functions:

Feature Generators:

New Rsample Functions

New Vector Functions:

These functions are useful on their own inside of mutate() and power many of the new plotting and recipes functions.

New Augment Functions:

All of the functions are designed for scale. They respect dplyr::group_by().

New Make Functions:

Make date and date-time sequences between start and end dates.

New Get Functions:

New Diagnostic / Data Processing Functions

New Datasets

Improvements: * tk_make_future_timeseries() - Now accepts n_future as a time-based phrase like “12 seconds” or “1 year”.

Bug Fixes:

Potential Breaking Changes:

timetk 0.1.3

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

timetk 0.1.2

timetk 0.1.1

timetk 0.1.0