tibbletime 0.1.8

tibbletime 0.1.7

tibbletime 0.1.6

tibbletime 0.1.5

tibbletime 0.1.4

tibbletime 0.1.3

tibbletime 0.1.2

tibbletime 0.1.1

tibbletime 0.1.0

This is a major update. It introduces a huge number of breaking changes as we heavily reworked the internals of the package. This should ensure the longevity of the package and provide maximum flexibility for its use with dplyr. As this was still early in package development with minimal usage, and because we had issued a Warning in the README of the last update that we may change things, we have not made any attempt to support backwards compatability. From this point forward, however, we will support backwards compatability as we feel that we have reached a more stable implementation.

With that out of the way, here is a complete list of changes.

tibbletime 0.0.2

tibbletime 0.0.1