Easier SQL integration with R


sqlhelper facilitates preparing and executing files of SQL code from R.

In particular, sqlhelper does two things. It:

  1. provides functions for preparing and executing files of sql queries; and it
  2. provides functions to manage multiple RDBMS connections.

To do this sqlhelper defines a number of functions, many of which are also exported for convenience.

There are, of course, many excellent ways to interact with a database from R, often not involving SQL at all (e.g. dbplyr); sqlhelper is for the times when you do want to use SQL - perhaps you have inherited some legacy SQL, or need some specific functionality offered by your RDBMS, or simply prefer to write SQL. The article vignette("use-case") describes the setup for a specific motivating case.


A stable version of sqlhelper has not yet been released. The current development version is being prepared for submission to CRAN.

Pending acceptance, the future stable version will be available from CRAN:


Alternatively, you can install development versions from github:

# install.packages("devtools")


Getting Started

Basic functionality is described in vignette("sqlhelper")

Execution of SQL files is described in detail in vignette("execution")

Setup and management of database connections is described in vignette("connections")

There are some details about using sqlhelper within other packages in vignette("use_case")

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