Useful tools for structural equation modeling.

This is an R package whose primary purpose is to extend the functionality of the R package lavaan. There are several suites of tools in the package, which correspond to the same theme. To browse these suites, open the help page at the Console:


Additional tools are available to do not require users to rely on any R packages for SEM (e.g., lavaan, OpenMx, or sem), as long as their other software provides the information they need. Examples:

All users of R (or SEM) are invited to submit functions or ideas for functions by contacting the maintainer, Terrence Jorgensen (TJorgensen314 at gmail dot com). Contributors are encouraged to use Roxygen comments to document their contributed code, which is consistent with the rest of semTools. Read the vignette from the roxygen2 package for details:

vignette("rd", package = "roxygen2")