rpubs : Extract code from RPubs article

RPubs.com is a web publishing service for R articles created from R Markdown. When you find some interesting article, may be you want to copy the script to try reproduce on your local machine. The rpubs package can help you to automatically copy and paste the script (or with the output) without you have to do it manually.


# install.packages("devtools")


article <- "https://rpubs.com/aephidayatuloh/sendgmail"
rpubs_code(url = article, path = "myfolder/sendgmail.R", output = FALSE)

If you run the code above, after the process finished you will have the script file named sendgmail.R in myfolder folder. But, if the script in the article in a output-block part (this usually in a box with white background, different writing style from writer) then use output = TRUE to make the output-block part of script output file.