The ped suite: R packages for pedigree analysis

CRAN status

The ped suite is a collection of R packages for pedigree analysis, covering a variety of applications across several fields. The packages are designed to work harmoniously together, often allowing complex tasks to be solved in a few lines of code.

Core packages

At the centre of the ped suite we find the package pedtools, on which all the others depend. In addition, several packages contain basic features often needed in many types of analysis. These are the core packages:

Specialised packages

The following packages are devoted to special applications:

Retired packages

These packages have been superseded by other packages and are no longer compatible with the rest of the ped suite. They are maintained only for legacy purposes and should not be used in new projects.

Imported packages

QuickPed - an online pedigree creator

In addition to the R packages, the ped suite also includes QuickPed, a free interactive program for creating and exploring pedigrees. Read more about it here, or simply try it out: