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Orsi and Park/Durand fronts in Spatial form

The “Orsi fronts” are a commonly used climatological map of Southern Ocean frontal distributions, published on the Southern Ocean Atlas Database Page after Orsi et al (1995).

(This page once was at an old link now listed in this package CITATION file as a note).

The “Park/Durand” fronts are a recent update on the locations of the fronts from altimetry data, at the SEANOE Altimetry-derived Antarctic Circumpolar Current fronts page.

See the package vignette/s for more details, and use citation("orsifronts") for information on the sources.


Orsi, A. H., T. Whitworth III and W. D. Nowlin, Jr. (1995). On the meridional extent and fronts of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Deep-Sea Research I, 42, 641-673.

Park Y.‐H., Park T., Kim T.‐W., Lee S.‐H., Hong C.‐S., Lee J.‐H., Rio M.‐H., Pujol M.‐I., Ballarotta M., Durand I., Provost C. (2019). Observations of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current over the Udintsev Fracture Zone, the narrowest choke point in the Southern Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, -.