Building augmented data for multi-state models: the msmtools package

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msmtools introduces a fast and general method for restructuring classical longitudinal datasets into augmented ones. The reason for this is to facilitate the modeling of longitudinal data under a multi-state framework using the msm package.


# Install the released version from CRAN:

# Install the development version from GitHub:


msmtools comes with 4 functions:

For more information about msmtools, please check out the vignette with vignette( "msmtools" ).

Bugs and issues can be reported at

Breaking changes from version 2.0.0

msmtools has received a lot of improvements in the plotting functions. In particular, from version 2.0.0 both survplot() and prevplot() support ggplot2. This inevitably introduces several breaking changes. Overall, both functions have been greatly simplified, but I encourage to go over each function’s documentation and the vignette to get a correct understanding on how they work.