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Download and read data and metadata from repositories in the DataONE network.


Irene Steves, Mitchell Maier and Julien Brun; NCEAS


The metajam package can be installed from GitHub using the devtools package:


Download data

To download a data object, specify the data object URL and local download path in the download_d1_data function:


download_d1_data("", path = ".")

The output is saved in a folder with the name {metadata_id}__{file_name}, which contains the data file and its associated metadata. The metadata follows these conventions:

How to get the URL to your dataset of interest ?

From DataONE or any currently supported data repository (KNB, Arctic Data Center, or EDI/LTER), you can right-click on the Download button of a specific dataset and choose Copy Link Address to copy the URL to your clipboard

Read data

The read_d1_files function allows you to read the downloaded data and metadata directly into your R environment. Simply run the function with the folder path to the downloaded objects, and all data and metadata files will be returned as data frames stored in a list. Use {object_name}$data to access the data, and {object_name}${metadata_type}_metadata to access its associated metadata.

schools <- read_d1_files("./doi_10.18739_A2DP3X__Alaska_Schools_Rentention2009_15")

Quick Overview of metajam


Work on this package was supported by:

Thanks also go to NCEAS computing team members Mark Schildhauer, Peter Slaughter, Dominic Muellen, Steven Chong, Jesse Goldstein and Matt Jones for their inputs on this package.

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