lterpalettefinder - Extract Color Palettes from Photos and Pick Official LTER Palettes

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The goal of lterpalettefinder is to provide high quality color palettes derived from photos at Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites. This allows users to create beautiful graphics that have close visual ties to photos from the places where data were collected. This package also allows users to generate their own palettes from any photo (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or HEIC) if the current palettes in the function do not meet their needs. For more information on the LTER Network, check out our website!


You can install the development version of lterpalettefinder from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

R Shiny App

To help demonstrate some of the functionalities of lterpalettefinder we have created a standalone R Shiny app that allows for extracting a palette and demonstrating it entirely through a browser. While we developed this app primarily to support non-R users interested in lterpalettefinder we hope it is interesting and valuable to R experts as well! The GitHub repo for the Shiny app can be found here.


This package currently includes the following functions:

Use an Existing Palette

Create Your Own Palette

Demonstrate a Palette

Note that the vector of hexadecimal codes provided by palette_find when only one official palette meets criteria set by user will also be accepted by either palette_demo or ...ggdemo


Creation of this package was funded by National Science Foundation grant #1929393 awarded to F. Davis, J. Caselle, and M. Downs.

Gabriel De La Rosa designed our hex logo and provided valuable feedback on early versions of the package.

Thanks also to the whole LTER Network Office team and the broader NCEAS community!

Palette Examples

These palette examples were generated from photos at LTER sites.

Santa Barbara Coastal LTER + palette_demo

Image Palette
Photo credit: SBC LTER

Arctic LTER + palette_ggdemo

Image Palette
Photo credit: Lindsay VanFossen

Kellogg Biological Station LTER + palette_demo

Image Palette
Photo credit: G.P. Robertson