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A package to create data libraries, data dictionaries, and the ability to perform a data step. The major functions are:

The packages also contains a variety of functions to manipulate data libraries: * lib_load(): Loads a library into the workspace * lib_unload(): Unloads a library from the workspace * lib_sync(): Synchronizes the workspace with the library list * lib_write(): Writes library data to the file system * lib_add(): Adds data to a library * lib_replace(): Replaces data in a library * lib_remove(): Removes data from a library * lib_copy(): Copies a data library * lib_delete(): Deletes a data library * lib_info(): Returns a data frame of information about the library * lib_path(): Returns the path of a data library * lib_size(): Returns the size of the data library in bytes * specs(): Create a collection of import specifications * import_spec(): Define an import specification for a file