gsw 1.1-1

gsw 1.1-0

This update is based on C code from (release v3.06-16-0, commit 657216dd4f5ea079b5f0e021a4163e2d26893371) and the .mat data file from (commit 38c9635d6fd93e74c2648e4ee23cec49c1f58530). It was necessary to make some changes to the within-documentation test suite, as listed below; MRD stands for Mean Relative Difference from the values in the previous CRAN release of gsw, version 1.0-6 released 2021-07-07.

gsw 1.0-7

gsw 1.0-6

gsw 1.0-5

gsw 1.0-4

gsw 1.0-3